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Monday, 28 May 2018

May 28, 2018

The Accidental Prime Minister Manmohan Singh movie Facts

Dr. Manmohan Singh is Indian politician and economist. The movie releasing on Manmohan Singh's biopic is the accidental prime minister. He is the 13th prime minister of India from 22 may 2004 to 26 may 2014 (10 years). He born on 26 September 1932 in Gah which is now a part of Pakistan. He is Indian national congress party politician. He studied in Economics and got bachelor's and master’s degree at Punjab University. The father and mother name of Manmohan Singh is Gurmukh Singh and Amrit Kaur. He won CNN-IBN Indian of the year in Politics, Indira Gandhi price award.

prime minister manmohan singh
Dr. Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh facts –

1. He appointed as the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India in 1985.

2. Manmohan Singh daughters are Upinder Singh, Amrit Singh, and Daman Singh.

3. While Manmohan Singh as prime minister he comes to his office by his Maruti car which is very humble car in India.

4. When he was teaching at his college then his neighbor offers him to meet Jawaharlal Nehru but he rejected the offer.

5. Manmohan lives in a village where there is no electricity. But he studies in a kerosene lamp.

6. He walks miles for his School because in his village school is not present.

7. Manmohan Singh wife is Gursharan Kaur married on 14 September 1958.

8. He completed his Ph.D. at Oxford University.

9. Manmohan Singh also writes a books likes The Quest for Equality in Development, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and learn to speak and write Italian.

10. He served as the Director of reserved Bank of India from 1976 to 1980.

11. He received Padma Vibhushan in 1987 and Second-highest civilian.

The Accidental Prime Minister
Anupam Kher as Dr. Manmohan Singh

The Accidental Prime Minister Movie facts –

The Accidental Prime Minister is an upcoming 2018 Indian Bollywood political drama movie directed by Vijay Gutte and written by Hansal Mehta and Mayank Tewari. Hansal Mehta also direct web series like Bose: Dead/Alive and short films like the last Letter and Mayank Tewari also previously script the Newton movie. The movie is produced by Bohra bros and based on the book by Sanjaya Bura.

1. The lead actor of the accidental prime minister movie is Anupam Kher.

2. Anupam Kher releases the first look of the movie on 6 June 2017 on his twitter handle.

3. Akshaye Khanna plays as Sanjaya Baru in the movie he is a political commentator of Manmohan Singh. Akshaye Previously plays a policeman role in movie Ittefaq.

4. Suzanne Bernert plays as Sonia Gandhi. Soniya is a political leader in national Indian Congress.

5. Aahana Kumra plays as Priyanka Gandhi. Priyanka is a daughter of Sonia Gandhi. Aahana previously acts in Lipstick under My Burkha movie.

6. Vijay Ratnakar Gutte debut with this movie as a Film Director.

7. Suzanne Bernert previously acts in TV serials like Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai and 7RCR.

8. This movie is releasing on 21 December 2018.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

May 22, 2018

10 intresting Facts about Ramadan and Eid (Eid al-Fitr)

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. This is the month when the first verses of Holy Quran were revealed. The holy Quran was given to Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam. He is the last prophet of Islam. The night when the first verses of Quran were revealed is Laylat al-Qadr. Ramadan is the most important month of Islam and the 27th day of Ramadan is the most important day in Ramadan. Islam teaches belief in Oneness of Allah.

eid facts
Muslim girl and boy attending Jumma

Ramadan questions and answers

Why is the 27th day of Ramadan so important?

According to Holy Quran, the 27th day of Ramadan is called Night of Destiny or Laylatul-Qadr. At this day the first verses of Quran were revealed to Muhammad salallahualayhi wasalam. Who is the last prophet of Islam and he is the most favorite prophet of Allah? At this night muslim peoples are gathered and pray for them. And say sorry to Allah for forgiving them.

How do we celebrate Eid?

Ramadan Eid is also known for Eid ul-Fitr. This is the first day of Shawwal and Shawwal is the 10th month of Islamic Calendar. Eid ul-Fitr indicates the end of Ramadan. at this day people gather and pray Namaz at morning between 8pm  to 10pm. The Celebration of Ramadan starts with sheer khurma food.

two boys praying namaz

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr Facts –

     1.  Muslims people start fasting before sunrise and end the fast after sunset.

2.    2. Muslims usually give more money to charity (Zakat) and poor people in this month.

3.     3. The fast end with the first bite of Date.

4.    4. Muslim can wash their mouth and nose but can’t swallow the water during fast.

hugging of muslim boys
muslim boys hugs

5. The meal before morning pre-fast is called Saheri (suhoor) and after sunset, post-fast called Iftar.

6. Its illegal in some countries to breaking or ignoring the Fast of Ramadan.

7. Ramadan days vary each year. near to 15 days before last year Ramadan.

8. The Namaz of Eid al-Fitr attends in Eidgah. which is not near to the city because in Islam its good to have a masjid and Eidgah far to house.

9. For cleaning of teeth, Miswaak is use. it is a root of an Arak tree which found in Hijaaz.

10. For traveling, feeling sick or breastfeeding purposes you can not take a fast but you can continue the fast in later days. 

Friday, 9 March 2018

March 09, 2018

Zakir khan comedian biography

Zakir Khan is famous Indian stand-up comedian. Born on 20 August 1987 in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). Zakir work in On Air with AIB by co-hosting and writing the show. Zakir Khan's parents are Ismail Khan (Father) and Kulsum Khan (Mother). Zakir also did a news stand-up comedian show. Zakir Khan Get famous by his famous punch line “Sakht Luanda”. And this punch line is gone viral in India.  Zakir always credited to his father Ismail Khan for his talent. Zakir family is a musical family where his zakirs father was a music teacher in a school and his brother Zeeshan Khan who is the singer in Malang music band. Zakir done Hak se single, the great Indian Laughter Challenge and Kabhi Gana Kabhi Logic Series and also work with Amazon Prime India. he is unmarried now. 

Sakht lauda

Facts about Zakir Khan.

1. Zakir Khan like to play Sitar. He likes to make Shayari and composing a song.

2. Zakir is college drop-out and he is qualified in diploma is Sitar.

3. Zakir wanted to make a radio producer. And he did a radio programming at ARSL for 1 year.

4. Zakirs favorite actor is Nawazuddin Siddiqui and favorite filmmaker is Anurag Kashyap.

5. Zakir co-hosted 5th Annual Golden Kela  Award with Papa CJ and Vir Das.

6. Zakir Khans have its own youtube channel.

Zakir khan comedy

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

March 07, 2018

Running benefits for body

Running is the method of moving foot rapidly fast. Running is a type of exercise where we move our lower body. Running is useful for burn calories which result in weight loss. Running make our muscles and bones strong. It makes our spinal cord flexible and straight. Running is a physical exercise you don’t need any equipment’s. Research says that if you run daily the chances of conceiving a daughter. Eating before running May not good for your stomach it will pain your stomach while running.

Running facts

Some questions about Running...

Is running is a good exercise?

Yes, running is the best exercise for our health it makes health to your internal as well as external body.

Can you lose belly fat by running?

Yes, but you want to know that every process takes time. And if some exercise or product claim you that it lose your belly fat so faster (1 month) then be safe it’s not true if it’s true then its harm to your body. Because your body doesn’t have many capabilities to take such actions.

Is it bad to run too much?

Yes, it is bad for your health. Because less is always more. If you run too much you will feel pain in your stomach you can vomit, head pain or you feel dizzy. So run more but not so much more you need to understand your capability. How much you capable. And make practice it can help you to run more means more stamina.


Benefits of running –

1. Running postpone your aging. It reduces the wrinkles of your face.

2. Running make strong your bones and muscles.

3. Running helps to children’s for improving hormone growth means it helps children’s to increase height and weight.

4. Running helps you to reduce the chances of heart attacks. It keeps your heart health. And makes you mentally strong.

5. It helps you to maintain balance amount of sugar and carbohydrates in the human blood. Which means it helps for diabetes.

6. Research says that low-cost shoes are non-risky than expensive shoes.

7. Stretching before a Run is good for you running. It stretches your tight muscle and increases the ability to run more.

8. Running improve your Stamina.

9. Running improves your digestive system.

10. It reduces stress and gives a good sleep.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

March 06, 2018

Google Facts that you are didn’t know before

Google founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on 4 September 1998. Google is a search engine, advertising technology. The fact of Google company name is that Google name founded by name googol which means 1 with 100 zeros. The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai who is from India. Google owns all similar name sites like goggle.com, gooogle.com, goggle.com. In 1999 Google founder decide to sell Google to Excite for the US $1 million but Excite rejected their offer. Microsoft pays you for using bing.com instead of using google.com, in every minute around 2 million searches are performed on Google.

Google Facts that you are didn’t know

1. On April 1st, 2004 Google launches its email service Gmail and many people thought is that Google fools them because it’s an April fool day.

2. Lead developer of Firefox web browser is now working for Google Chrome.

3. Google is Worlds most visited website instead of Facebook.

4. If you can search Atari breakout in Google image search you can play a game.

5. YouTube is the second largest search engine where first is Google.

6. Google disable its Orkut because of Facebook popularity.

7. Google CEO Sundar Pichai salary is about the US $199.7 million.

CEO of google
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

8. The first Google female employee Marissa Mayer is now CEO of Yahoo.

9. In 2016 Donald Trump is the most Google search person.

10. Google released its first Android smartphone with the name of Nexus One on 5 January 2010.

11. Google knows more about you than your mother these words are quoted by the critic.

12. Google design its own official operating system Chrome OS (operating system). It’s very lightweight OS run on every PC and Laptop.

14. Google is second largest internet company by revenue.

15. Google releases its Google Assistant for Android phones.

Monday, 5 March 2018

March 05, 2018

Interesting Facts about India with pictures

India is most famous for Kumbh Mela. In this festival, people gather from all over the world. Isn’t it interesting fact and its world’s biggest gathering ever. Sex toys are also banned in India. The prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is selling tea in his childhood in Gujrat state near a railway station. India is the world largest democracy. India is also called as Bharat in Hindi. Cricket is one of the best game for Indians instead of national game Hockey. Hemp (Bhang) is also found in India but banned in India. India is a historical country.

jaipur city
India city

India’s top Facts that you want to know –

Capital City
New Delhi
Largest City
Pranab Mukherjee
National Language
Rs. Rupees
Prime Minister
Narendra Modi
Around 1,326,572,000 ( 2017)

Biggest gathering in the world
Space photo of Kumbh Mela.

Interesting facts about India –

1 It’s illegal to carry Indian rupees out of India for foreigners.

2. A shampoo is invented in India with ayurvedic herbs and the name comes from Sanskrit word Champu.

3. The Indian national Kabaddi team won all world cups.

4. The water is on the moon is discover by India

5. The rocket discovered in India by Tipu Sultan’s father.

6. Tajmahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is in India.

7. India is the second largest country who speak the English language.

8. India’s national language is Hindi.

9. The national anthem is written by Rabindranath Tagore.

10. The world’s most popular board game Snakes and Ladder in Invented in India.

11. India is a seventh largest country in the World.

12. The Chess game is invented in India. The Sanskrit name of chess is Chaturanga.

13. The National Animal of India is Bengal Tiger.

14. India is world’s largest filmmaking country.

Indian bollywood facts
Hate Story 3 movie poster

15. The New Delhi air is most polluted air in the world.

16. Bharat Ratna is the highest award in India.

17. India is larges milk producer country.

18. Yoga is invented in India.

19. India was one of the richest country in the World before the 18th century.

20. Indiara Gandhi is Indian first female prime minister

21. The famous lovers of India in Laila and Majnu.

March 05, 2018

Some Interesting facts about Xiaomi and Xiaomi Tv

Xiaomi makes smartphones, Power Banks, Umbrellas and so on. Recently Xiaomi makes Mi LED Smart TV 4 it is the worlds thinnest LED Tv at Rs. 39,999 on Mi.com. Now xiaomi makes Mi LED Smart Tv 4c the Xiaomi official announcement held on 7th of March 2018. Where Xiaomi reveals its Price and Specs. Before Some days Xiaomi launches its Redmi note 5 phone with super Specifications in affordable Price. Now Xiaomi is one of the best selling Smartphone Company in India. It makes their office in India at Bengaluru. Xiaomi is Chinese gadget company and now Xiaomi built their offices to India because of the high demand of their products in India. The CEO of Xiaomi is Lei Jun who started this company on 6 April 2010.

Why Xiaomi is Best Smartphone Manufacturing Company –

There are so many choices for buying a smartphone in the world. But Xiaomi gives us an excellent smartphone with a huge battery life powerful processor, Ram and a great camera in budget range. The other main reason behind this smartphone MIUI which gives us a pro feature which is also not available in stock rom. MIUI is highly customizable, fast, high security and regular update for rom. Xiaomi allows you to root your phone without avoiding phone warranty, unlike other smartphones company.


Phone name
Price in Indian Rs.
Xiaomi Mi A1
Xiaomi Mi Max
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi fun Facts

Xiaomi Facts –

1. Xiaomi sells Mi LED Smart TV 4 a 4K 49 inch Tv and this Tv is based on Android with Bluetooth feature.

2. Xiaomi had hidden word in its logo. That’s mean Heart.

3. Xiaomi has its own UI (user interface) called MIUI. this is the main fact of xiaomi success.

4. Xiaomi considers as China`s Apple. Because of MIUI in China.

5. Xiaomi means small rice. Which shows that xiaomi start with little things.

6. Xiaomi makes Guinness World Record while selling Mi3 in India. Xiaomi sold 15,000 Mi3 smartphones in only 2 seconds.

7. Xiaomi makes International headquarters in Singapore city.

8. Xiaomi works around 70 countries.

9. Xiaomi has 18,000 employees.

10. Redmi Note 4 is the most selling smartphone in India 2017. Xiaomi sold around 2.5 million of redmi note 3 smartphones.

Xiaomi phone facts

11. Xiaomi makes power banks, Smartphones, Smart Umbrella, Mi TV, Mi lights and so on.

12. Xiaomi manufactures Redmi phones for budget category and Mi phones for high specs.

13. Xiaomi is World’s 3rd largest Smartphone selling Company and No.1 Smartphone Selling Company in Asia.

14. Xiaomi having built-in technology in their Camera that’s look photo more attractive.

15. Xiaomi is mascot is an anime bunny called Mitu and it wears Ushanka.

16. In October 2014, Xiaomi was the largest smartphone making company in the World.

17. Xiaomi also gives weakly beta update for their customers

18. Xiaomi gives its MIUI 9 UI on August 11, 2017, for beta testers.

19. Xiaomi doesn’t have any shop for selling their product. It sells their products on online sites like Flipkart and Amazon India.

20. Xiaomi releases its beta update on every Friday. 

Xiaomi fun facts